Why Is A Free Consultation For A Houston Divorce Lawyer A Bad Idea?

By Cassandra Daniels | December 30, 2021

You never thought you’d need to google “Houston divorce lawyer.”

Going through a divorce is not typically easy. Many people ask themselves the same questions over and over before they make a decision.

You ask, “Is this really what I want?” And, “Should I wait until the holidays are over? Or perhaps when the school year is over, right before summer.”

These are all understandable questions. However, when you’re ready to hire a Houston divorce lawyer, there is one question you need to ask. Is a free consultation with a Houston divorce lawyer worth it? 

It may not be as cut and dry as you might think. Ultimately, you want a family law attorney you can trust and who’s familiar with divorce proceedings. But how do you know if you’ll be part of a productive conversation in a free consultation?

Here are a few reasons why seeing a lawyer who offers free consultations is a bad idea.

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Why Is A Free Consultation For A Houston Divorce Lawyer A Bad Idea?

Many attorneys genuinely want to help you through your divorce. . But there are some sneaky tricks that some attorneys, legal assistants, and clerks use to pressure you during your “free” meeting.   

1. Dodge A Potential High-Pressure Sales Meeting

Consultations should be part of the process. However, not all attorneys offer them free of charge. Invest in a consultation fee and avoid a potentially lengthy sales pitch. The point of so-called free consultations is to get your business. You won’t experience the full attention of your attorney because they’ll be intent on making a sale.

Entering a consultation you have no stake in doesn’t guarantee you’re getting real legal advice. Many of these meetings spend a few minutes on you and your specific case. They then turn into sales pitches to discuss your attorney, why you should hire them, and more about what they claim they can do for you. 

When you pay for a consultation, you can avoid the sales talk and get right down to business with your attorney.

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2. Reduce Time Wasted

Let’s say you attend three different free consultations. Each time you book a new one, you’re hoping the next one will be different. You’re tired of listening to an attorney aggressively fight for your business. You can even sense the tension during every meeting as their frustration grows when you realize it’s not what you want.

In this case, you’ve wasted both your time and efforts to meet or talk over the phone. You now spent at least three hours going nowhere further in your divorce. If you booked a paid consultation, you’d at least have an idea of a plan for your case with an attorney who respects your investment in their practice.

3. Avoid Speaking To An Unlicensed Attorney

You’re exhausted from the fighting, emotions, and lack of closure in your marriage. You schedule a free consultation, thinking you’re finally making real steps to get a divorce. You can’t wait to speak to an attorney about your case and get it all on the table with someone who can help.

However, when you get to your consultation, the truth reveals itself. You aren’t speaking to a licensed attorney. Instead, you’re speaking to a paralegal or clerk who is basically pre-screening you for the practicing attorney. You were hoping for some real advice. But it’s important to know that only licensed attorneys can give legal advice, period. Therefore, even if you connect with whomever you spoke to, they will not and can not act as an attorney for your case.

4. Feel Justified In Your Expectations

Sometimes getting a free t-shirt, cup of coffee, or a pen comes as a delightful surprise. They’re small and inexpensive items that can be easily replaced if lost. You won’t expect too much out of their quality because they were free!

However, a divorce takes a lot more thoughtful reasoning, time, and effort than free swag. Opting for a free consultation leaves you vulnerable to opening yourself up to someone you don’t even know if you can trust. You have no idea their caliber for quality work. And you won’t feel as if you’re able to complain if it doesn’t appear legitimate or worth your time.

Paying for a consultation means you can feel comfortable expecting a licensed professional who is both experienced and prepared. Your time and theirs are both extremely valuable. This means a paid consultation should be completely focused on you without veering into a sales pitch or other conversation you didn’t pay for.

5. Get The Right Information For Your Case

Divorces are specific to each individual. You can ask questions about your divorce in a free consultation. However, you should know that any answers given are not necessarily going to work for your case. Free consultations offer general advice about divorce. And whomever you speak with won’t feel pressured to stick to the details of your particular case. Again, your free consultation may quickly turn into a sales pitch meant to simply secure your business.

6. Scheduled Time Is All Focused On You

You’ve paid for an attorney’s time when you place an investment in a consultation. Naturally, you should expect your divorce attorney to be alert, engaged, and willing to thoughtfully answer your questions and concerns. Instead of anxiously waiting for the conversation to take a turn into a sales pitch, you should have all of the undivided attention on you. Your lawyer won’t watch the clock waiting for their turn to propose their services, and you won’t feel as though you’re wasting their time. You’re more likely to receive an attorney’s full attention when they know you’re serious about taking the next step towards a divorce.

The Focus Is On You At The Daniels Law Firm 

You have a lot to think about moving forward with a divorce. You might have several estates, financial accounts, and other assets you need to divide. You might even have children to consider when going through the process of a divorce. The last thing you want to worry about is whether you’ll feel you’re wasting your or someone else’s time.Book a consultation with the Daniels Law Firm and have a true advocate on your side.

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