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Is Someone Not Holding Up Their End Of The Bargain
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Don’t Let The Other Parent Of Your Child Ignore A Court Order

In some cases, individuals choose not to follow court orders and continue to neglect their child custody and child support responsibilities.

Often, the one not following court orders gets away with it, leaving the involved child or children hurt in the end.

However, there are severe consequences for not following a court order that maps out measures for the benefit of a child. Some common punishments include penalties and jail time for up to 6 months.

If the threat of enforcement doesn’t work in your case, let the other person know that you are willing to take your case back to court – this time, with consequences in tow.

You don’t need to sit around feeling as though you don’t have a choice.

Hold that person in contempt.

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Don’t Be Afraid To

Stand Up For Yourself

It shouldn’t be up to you to continue to remind the other parent about their role and responsibilities defined by a court order.

You should never have to feel as though your children are being kept from you if you have a mutual agreement about visitation.

There should be no need to worry about receiving what is owed if the other parent to your children has a child support obligation in place.

Unfortunately, it’s seen time and time again where one parent is violating their court order and failing their family.

But you should know that you have choices when you need to go beyond positive encouragement.

We Have

Your Back

The total amount of child support is only paid out in full to about 43.5% of custodial parents, while more than 30 percent of parents don’t receive anything at all.

Aside from financial neglect, some parents choose to use their own children to manipulate or mistreat the other parent. And while it isn’t right or fair, you may feel trapped into giving in and giving up.

It can be hard to hold another adult accountable, especially if you try to avoid confrontation. But we don’t mind.

When you have Daniels Law Firm on your side in your enforcement case, we do everything in our power to ensure you and your children are being heard and protected.

Don’t Do Nothing

Enforce Your Court-Ordered Case With An Iron Grip

There’s no reason to struggle to enforce a previously made agreement with the other parent to your children. Protect yourself and your family by letting go of any hesitations and hold them liable for court-ordered mandates.

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Enforcement FAQs

If child support is owed to you, you can have an attorney file a Motion for Enforcement of Child Support. This can result in punishment for the other parent, such as jail time or covering court fees for the motion.

If there is visitation order in effect that are not being followed, the court may look at several things, including:

  • The exact part of the court order that was violated
  • What the other parent did or failed to do
  • What you’re asking the court to do for you

By filing a Motion to Enforce Visitation, you are asking them to hold the other parent responsible and enforce all or certain parts of the court order they previously agreed to.

Yes. Because child support and visitation are viewed as separate issues by Texas law, a parent still has the right to visitation if it’s in a court order, even if they have fallen behind or refuse to pay child support.

If you would like to enforce child support and get paid, your attorney can file a Motion for Enforcement of Child Support.