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Do What's Best For The Child Through Careful Modifications

As a parent, you have rights when it comes to your children. And as time goes on, circumstances change. However, previous agreements that need modifications can only be made barring a few situations.

All changes are made in the best interest of the child and can be altered when:

  • Circumstances of the child or parent have materially or substantially changed since the original child custody order or agreement.
  • The child is at least 12 years old and has told the court in chambers that he or she wants a change.
  • Or the custodial parent has voluntarily relinquished possession of the child to another person.

Understandably, a previous court order can feel limiting after some time.

Life is full of unexpected events.

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Keep Your Children Close

It shouldn't be up to you to continue to remind the other parent about their role. You know you need to make modifications to a former child custody or visitation order, but you can't seem to agree with your children's other parent.

Changes can be material or substantial. Examples of these types of changes include decreasing child support, a shift of employment during COVID-19, or having a parent who needs to move to another area that causes conflict with the current order.

When there has been a material and substantial change in the circumstances in the following areas, it needs to be handled by an attorney who's familiar with family law:

  • Child Support (Increase And Decrease)
  • Position And Access Schedules
  • Rights And Duties

Have Modifications Handled By The Team That Knows Family Law Best

Bringing up the conversation or even pushing to get changes to a court order can be a difficult task. Whether the change is related to one parent, both parents, or it's the child who's prompting action, you need someone who can help you through the process. This is especially important if an agreement between parties is hard to come by.

Daniels Law Firm seeks to serve its clients with honest practices and bold strategies. Above all, we aim to help clients get what they've been fighting for and keep them connected to their families the best way possible.

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Conditions change the course of our lives. Ensure you're keeping up with your court order for the benefit of your children and make modifications with the fearless attorney who can take care of it all for you.

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Modification FAQs

A motion to clarify is NOT the same thing as a modification. In a clarification action, the court cannot change anything fundamental in the order. Choosing to clarify a term within a court order is intended to make it more clear to both parties and does not result in a change of any sort.

Every case is different. A family lawyer can assist with your particular case by giving you professional advice on what to do or what modifications to make. They can help break down your options and guide you through the process, keeping your goals and best interests in mind.

In Texas, you need to file your case in the same county where the current order was made.

If the child at the center of the case has moved and lives elsewhere for 6 months, talk to your attorney about making a motion to transfer and any other options available.