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Going through a divorce or separation can be tough enough for one person to take on. It can be devastating for everyone, especially if there are children involved.

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You may have never seen this coming, or you may be looking to protect yourself in preparation for what's to come.

Your ex-spouse or your children's other parent might have promised you the world. No matter how cooperative they seem to be, you should still find a trusted attorney to handle your child support case from start to finish.

Between work, maintaining a relationship with your children, and everything else in between, child support cases can get complicated quickly. You're going to want someone on the inside who knows the ins and outs of the system intimately.

Ensure the future wellbeing of yourself and your family by finding a law team who is familiar with child support cases. You'll feel more confident knowing a professional can handle your case with the needs of yourself and your children as their number one priority.

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Never be left wondering whether someone is listening to your side because each communication is handled with the utmost importance.

No need to doubt whether your case is being taken seriously because every step of the strategy is tailored to your needs.

And you'll never need to enter the courtroom feeling alone because you have the unmatched partnership of an attorney who is willing to fight for you.

If you're looking for an attorney who is not afraid of a challenge, you're searching for the premier services of the Daniels Law Firm.

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Child Support FAQs

Texas Family Code Section 154.001 states that a court order may require the non-custodial parent to pay child support until the child reaches 18 or graduates from high school, whichever comes later. This is done solely for the benefit of the child and supports their needs.

When calculating child support, the court will apply child support “Guidelines,” which are law-based. These Guidelines set a basic minimum amount of child support. But the court can deviate from these Guidelines after considering several factors such as income, current employment, etc.

The Guidelines are “presumed to be reasonable, and an order of support conforming to the guidelines is presumed to be in the best interest of the child.”

Texas law provides the following Guideline calculations:

  • One Child= 20% Of Net Monthly Income
  • Two Children = 25% Of Net Monthly Income
  • Three Children = 30% Of Net Monthly Income
  • Four Children = 35% Of Net Monthly Income
  • Five Children = 40% Of Net Monthly Income
  • Six Children = No Less Than 40% Of Net Monthly Income

It's important to note that under Texas law, Guideline calculations are applied to a select portion of the obligor's Net Monthly Income regardless of how much the actual Net Monthly Income may be. However, tthere is a cap under Texas law that limits teh total amount the obligator will be required to pay. Speak with an attorney to determine your specific amount.

There is no correlation between support and custody. Child support refers to the financial support of a child for their benefit. Custody refers to the physical guardianship between a parent or guardian and the child. Typically, one parent has custody of the child or children in question, but occasionally custody is shared.

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