Meeting With Your Divorce Attorney & Court Appearances Via Video Conferences

By Cassandra Daniels | February 8, 2022

Times are changing rapidly, and attorneys are available for online meetings more than ever before. You’re going through enough in your life moving forward with a divorce, your job, taking care of your children, and so on. The last thing you need is time spent in your car looking for your attorney’s office building – even more so if you’re stuck going to a busy part of the city where parking is scarce. However, there is a modern solution for this challenge.

The days of waiting for the next available in-person conference with your divorce attorney are long gone. While it’s still essential to meet your attorney at some point, it’s not necessary to do so in person. Virtual meetings and proceedings are a brand new way to conduct business. But it’s reasonably beneficial for both the client and attorney involved.

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What You Need To Know About Virtual Meetings With Your Divorce Attorney

You may be surprised to know that you can move forward with your divorce with an attorney who can help you online. However, you should do a few things to prepare before calling up your attorney.

Gather Financial Information

The best way to find out what your estate entails is to gather all of the financial information. This includes bank statements, retirement account information, pay stubs, etc. Knowing your financial situation is important before you move forward with your divorce.

Collect & Make Copies Of Any Accumulated Debt

Along with your assets, you need to get an accurate idea of your debts. Especially in Texas, debt accumulated together while married is shared, which makes both of you liable to pay it back. Gather items like mortgage loan information, remaining car payments, student loans, credit card statements, etc. Provide this information to your attorney, and get a clearer picture of debt considered separate and/or community property.

Understand Your Monthly Spending

If your spouse handles the finances, it’s still essential to understand how much you spend every month. Take the time to review the last 6 months of your bank, credit card, and other statements to see how much you spend each month and year.

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Before You Meet Virtually With Your Divorce Attorney

After you gather everything you need, you can go into your virtual meeting with a clear purpose and use your and your attorney’s time more efficiently. Here are a few tips to ensure your meeting stays connected and productive:

  • Update your video call software (Zoom, Skype, etc.)
  • Ensure a stable internet connection
  • Connect each video conference over a secure network
  • Make sure your video is ON and your microphone is in UNMUTE mode
  • Test both video quality and sound before your call
  • Frame your full face or from the chest up on the screen
  • Close any unused applications and windows
  • Sit in a quiet room with a muted background

Check each one of these off of your list, and use every minute available to talk about your case instead of dealing with connectivity issues.

Benefits Of Online Divorce Meetings & Appearances With Your Attorney

There are plenty of advantages to meeting with your divorce attorney online.

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1. Time-Saving Perks

You could waste time in traffic, search for a parking spot, and walk into an office building without a clue where you’re going. But think about how much of a time-saver video chat can be. All you need to do is have your documents in order and your computer on and ready. As far as dressing for the occasion, you should wear something simple yet appropriate – no robes or towels, please!

2. More Personalized Attention

Because you and your attorney are spending less time preparing to meet in person, there’s more time to spend directly on you and your case. Have all of your documents ready and complete your before-you-meet checklist to get right to the issues at hand. Your attorney will appreciate your readiness and have more time to research, answer questions, and discuss any details.

3. Collaborate With Ease

Use quality video chat software and quickly share documents, files, and other types of paperwork. Furthermore, you can meet with more than just one person and work with the other party, attorney, or mediator online. Also, everyone can be on the same page with easy-share documents and links. Afraid you’re misinterpreting what the other person is trying to say? Use screen share capabilities and review the same document they’re seeing in real-time. 

4. Save Money

When your attorney bills hourly, those moments of running late because you’re caught in traffic add up. The same can be said for extra time spent waiting on the other party to show up or respond. You want to use every minute you have with your legal team to work on a solution for your case. Video conferencing can swiftly connect you to speak to those necessary throughout your divorce. 

5. Less Stress & Anxiety

Divorce can be a complicated process. Regardless of whether or not your marriage ended amicably, it might still be painful to see your ex in person. This means you can skip out on the anxiety-filled drive or awkward pleasantries and get right down to business.

Do you have children you’re worried about working around regarding divorce meetings and hearings? Discussing your divorce remotely could offer more flexibility with your schedule. This means you can better plan a time to occupy your children and keep them away from the legal process. Work with your attorney and find a time to talk about how you’d like to handle your divorce while there are children in the picture. 

Find A Firm To Handle Your Case Online & In Person

If you’re seriously considering divorce, envision a thorough divorce process without stepping foot into an office. This is where many divorce and mediation methods are heading. You can save valuable time, money, and added stress by taking it all online with virtual meetings and conferences. 

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