When calculating child support, the court will apply child support guidelines, which, are law based and are often referred to as “Guidelines.” Guidelines set a basic minimum amount of child support, and the court can deviate from them after consideration of numerous factors (the deviation factors are discussed further below). The Guidelines are “presumed to be reasonable and an order of support conforming to the Guidelines is presumed to be in the best interest of the child.

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Texas law provides the following Guideline calculations:
One child= 20% of Net Monthly Income
Two children = 25% of Net Monthly Income
Three children = 30% of Net Monthly Income
Four children = 35% of Net Monthly Income
Five children = 40% of Net Monthly Income
Six children = No less than 40% of Net Monthly Income

It's important to note that under Texas law, Guideline calculations are only applied to the first $8,550 of the obligor's Net Monthly Income regardless of how much the actual Net Monthly Income may be.

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